Non-credit Bearing General Education Programmes for the First Semester, 2017 - 2018
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Finding My HYGGE - Infinite Ways to Live Well
GE has endeavoured to curate co-curricular programmes that are creative and proactive in order to develop a collegial, flexible, pluralistic and supportive intellectual environment since 1995. In this semester, the theme is “Finding My HYGGE - Infinite Ways to Live Well” and a series of programmes are curated to probe into the thematic issues from different perspectives and various spectrums. 
In addition, programmes on arts and culture, politics, sustainability, business, economics and personal are offered. Our Student Team (GEST) is recruiting members throughout the year to let your talents shine and to share some happy hours at the Gatherland.
Let's find our own HYGGE together and have a cheerful and fruitful semester joining our GE programmes!
Enrolment Counters
 12/9 (Tue)10:00 – 17:00K.K. Leung Concourse
 13/9 (Wed) onwards09:30 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 18:15GE Office, 2/F, Pao Siu Loong Building
Programme Title
Searching for the Best Things in Life
Prof. Joseph Chan 陳祖為教授
Prof. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
Prof. Petula Ho 何式凝教授
人生在世,尋尋覓覓,不同階段有不同渴求,這些追求更彷彿成了我們當下的人生意義。從小到大,我們或被灌輸、或自主建構各種價值觀,各人自有一套處世之道,對事物有輕重取捨之分。究竟我們要怎 ...

What We Talk About When We Talk About Education?
Dr. Hui Po-keung 許寶強博士
Dr. Donna Chu 朱順慈博士
Wong Ching Tak 黃政鍀
Prof. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
Prof. Lui Tai-lok 呂大樂教授
Florian Verbeek
Prof. Lap-Chee Tsui 徐立之教授
Ms. Ada Wong 黃英琦女士
Dr. Agnes Chan 陳美齡博士
十幾廿歲的大學生,青春人生的大部分時間都在返學讀書,對於「教育」應該有最切身的體會。所謂「知識改變命運」,眾所周知學習的重要,但「改變命運」的目標,究竟是搵份有前途的好工、還是成為 ...

Trail Walker @ HKU 2017
Mr. Panda Lee 李耀輝先生
Welcome to the 13th annual Trail Walker @ HKU!  A 50-kilometre walk along the ...

Prof. Lung Yingtai: To Believe or Not to Believe
Prof. Lung Yingtai 龍應台教授
Many leaders of our societies today are students of the 1970's, who shared certain ...

Why we write?
Mr. Edward Lam 林奕華先生 
都說這是圖像化的時代,文字,已經失去溝通的吸引力。但是,為甚麼在我們心有所感,情為之動的剎那,通常第一個反應,就是往腦裏大海撈針,希望搜索到片言隻語,用以留住當下的自己?為甚麼一件 ...

Exploring the Creation and Evolution Controversy
Dr. Andrew Loke
Where did we come from? Why are we here? While many people think of creation and ...

How I Got Here: My Story in Journalism
Ms. Fion Li 李佩瑜女士
A straight-A top student in Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination, unlike many of ...

Heartful Yoga Practice
Mr. Lau Tin-ming 劉天明先生
瑜伽練習不局限於體格鍛鍊,當中更強調身、心、靈的平衡,探索內省澄明的狀態。 「心之瑜伽練習」包括一系列呼吸、瑜伽式子和冥想練習,引導參加者安全地投入往內看的經驗。Yoga ...

Early Bird Party
Come to our party if you want to meet international friends and know more about Hong ...

GEST Recruitment – be part of GE!
The GE team is offering 50 programmes with around 100 sessions of talks/workshops/screenin ...

Gatherland 2.0 and Happy 2gether
Gatherland is probably the most chilling place on campus and the closest student ...

HKU Global Kitchen
Food is a great unifier for all cultures. HKU prides itself on its international ...

Monthly Harvest Lunch
Freshly harvested vegetables from our own HKU Rooftop Farm are prepared and served ...

Happy Thursday – Tea from Around the World
International student hosts are invited to share their favourite tea and snacks from ...

GE Live House – Curator’s Gig
Gatherland2046 will be turned into a Live House, with genre bending tunes, collaborations ...

GE Concept Store - Be a Transformer
Mr. Wong Tin Yan 王天仁先生

利用荒廢木材及舊傢俬製作成一系列多用途流動家具,讓GE Gatherland2046隨時變身成為不同格局。白天,它是一個咖啡座、展覽廳、漂書站;晚上,它搖身一變成為舞台、Live ...

GEST Skills Sharing - The Creation of GE Posters
Laurene Cen
Fiona Chao
每學期幾乎每個通識活動都以海報作宣傳,但即使通識教育部全體同事共有七雙巧手,都不可能為每個活動設計海報。這個時候同學的力量便成為我們的救星,為通識活動設計貼地而不失風格的宣傳海報。 ...

GEST Skills Sharing: Stories of Us – Pop-Up Read Aloud
Keisha Siriboe
‘Stories of Us’ is an award winning Hong Kong based social enterprise ...

GEST Training: Moderating Skills Workshop
Ms. Stephanie Lam
To successfully moderate a forum or talk is a skill that needs to be understood and ...

GEST Training: Simultaneous Interpretation Workshop
Mr. Steven Chan 陳永傑先生
Dr. Cheung King Man 張敬文博士
追求知識不應存在語言界限!所以,以廣東話進行的通識活動,皆附設英語及普通話的即時傳譯,以確保所有學生得到相同的學習機會。而為通識擔任即時傳譯員的,大部份是正在修讀翻譯的同學。要成為 ...

Reef Encounters at the Underwater Garden Hoi Ha Wan
Ms. Jane Wong
Ms. Inga Conti-Jerpe
Mr. Phil Thompson
Ms. Vriko Yu
Hoi Ha Wan translates as ‘Bay Beneath the Sea’, and the Hoi Ha Wan Marine ...

2-day-1-night in Rural Sustainable Lai Chi Wo
Policy for Sustainability Lab, HKU
Lai Chi Wo, a walled Hakka village with more than 400 years of history, is located ...

Permaculture in Action
Ms. Jacqueline Faulkner
'Permaculture' is originally a term developed by Australian environmentalists and ...

Let’s Go On a Picnic

Filmatic – Weekly Movie Salons curated by students
Yuen Yuen Lung
Vincent Chen Hou Ting
城市風光 City Sights「城市不會泄露自己的過去,只會把它像手紋一樣藏起來,它被寫在街巷的角落、窗格的護欄、樓梯的扶手、避雷的天線和旗桿上,每一道印記都是抓撓、鋸銼、刻鑿、 ...

Book Club: Surviving Inhumanity
Mr. Peter Lai 黎慶寧先生
•    The Pianist: The Extraordinary Story of One Man's Survival ...

Book Club: How We Learn
Mr. Kevin Lau 劉進圖先生

•    How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and ...

Music Salon
Dr. Wong Chi Chung Elvin 黃志淙博士

This is NOT about the 19th century music.But it’s a romantic and idealistic ...

An Urban Farm-to-Table Experience
Mr. Fai Hui
Would you like to harvest your own delicious carrots, basil, and cherry tomatoes? ...

Let’s Go Green! Vegetarian Lunch and Sharing on Healthy and Compassionate Eating
Mr. Bobsy Gaia
Ms. Shan Wong
Green and sustainable living has become a growing trend - green columns and programmes ...

Edible Veggie Bouquet Workshop
Ms. Hannah Kung
From farm to ceremony, then to your table.Looking for something special for your ...

HKU Rooftop Farm & Monthly Community Day
The HKU Rooftop Farming Project, co-organised with the Sustainability Office of HKU ...

F:A:C:E: - Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences
F:A:C:E: is more than a project and a scheme. It is our dream to enrich campus life ...

F:A:C:E: Mentorship x Theatre Programme 2017
Emrys Barnes
Budming 畢明
Bernice Chan 陳國慧
Anna Cheng 鄭煥美
Lai Yan Chi Mo 賴恩慈
Dr. Lam Fung 林丰博士
Cherry Leung 梁芷茵
Loong Man Hong 龍文康
Yan Pat To 甄拔濤
Yeung Sau Cheuk 楊秀卓
***Please note that the application deadline has been extended to 17:00, 18 Sep (Mon) ...

F:A:C:E: Subsidy
F:A:C:E: 鼓勵同學創作,無論是做展覽、拍短片、出版抑或搞講座,都會幫你實現!如果你有任何創作意念,歡迎提交計劃書,F:A:C:E:將會提供協助,包括校內場地、宣傳及製作資助 ...

Young Friends of the Hong Kong Arts Festival
Join 2017/18 Young Friends to enjoy, free of charge, a maximum of two Festival programmes, ...

Alice Theatre Laboratory 'Seven Boxes Possessed of Kafka (2017 Edition)' Pre-performance Dialogue
愛麗絲劇場實驗室《卡夫卡的七個箱子》(2017版) 演前座談:地下音樂、前衞劇場及卡夫卡
Mr. Andrew Chan 陳恆輝先生
Dr. Wong Chi Chung Elvin 黃志淙博士
賽馬會藝壇新勢力 Jockey Club New Arts Power演前座談:地下音樂、前衞劇場及卡夫卡Pre-performance Dialogue: Underground ...

SIU2 'A Musical Odyssey Beyond Time' Pre-Performance Sharing
Mr. Ng Cheuk Yin 伍卓賢先生
賽馬會藝壇新勢力 Jockey Club New Arts Power《超紀元聲遊會》演前分享會 SIU2 'A Musical Odyssey Beyond ...

Mongolian Traditional Vocal Music: Long Song and Throat Harmony
Dr. Wei Linlin 魏琳琳博士
Performers from Ordos 鄂爾多斯民族歌舞劇院

The two distinguished styles in the Mongolian traditional art of singing, Long Song ...

A Night of Love: Exploring the World of Operatic Music
This programme serves as an introduction to operatic music for HKU students. Proudly ...

Humanist Photography: The Path to Self-Discovery
Dr. Joe Tyel Chan
The workshop will focus on the potential of humanist photography to trigger an emotional ...

Creativity-on-the-move: City-sketching on a Tram Post-trip Sharing Session
Students will share their sketching works of Hong Kong’s cityscape that were ...

HK20+1: Screenings x Mentorship Programme
Through a series of screenings and a documentary mentorship programme, the project ...

Beyond Capitalism
Dr. Eddy Lee 李偉才博士
The Great Recession initiated by the 2008 Global Financial Meltdown is far from over. ...

Out Run - Screening and Discussion
Hon Chan Chi-chuen 陳志全議員
According to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "All human beings are born ...

Global Student Forum
Global Student Forum is a platform for academic and scholarly discussion on imminent ...