F:A:C:E: Subsidy
F:A:C:E: 鼓勵同學創作,無論是做展覽、拍短片、出版抑或搞講座,都會幫你實現!如果你有任何創作意念,歡迎提交計劃書,F:A:C:E:將會提供協助,包括校內場地、宣傳及製作資助(每個計劃上限為HK$4,000),讓你夢想成真!

F:A:C:E: Subsidy encourages student-initiated projects by providing support to those who are interested in producing their own art works or creative projects in all areas.
All HKU full-time students may apply for the Subsidy. Students may apply individually or in groups. The forms of projects may include exhibitions, micro-films/documentaries, performing arts, publications, seminars/talks, or any other activities related to arts, culture, social entrepreneurship, and innovation. Submissions in other creative areas are also welcome.
The maximum amount allocated for each project is HK$4,000, granted on a reimbursement basis upon successful completion. In addition, GE will provide support in booking venues and publicity on campus.

Application Details: http://gened.hku.hk/programme/detail?id=456 
Application Deadline: 15/2 (Thu)