GEST Recruitment – be part of GE!
The GE team is offering 50 programmes with around 100 sessions of talks/workshops/screenings/field trips each semester, and yet we are a very small team. Our programmes would not be complete without the help of GEST (GE Student Team)! If you are good at or interested in any field, join us! Since you have so many exciting ideas, we would also love to work with you to create something new together. All—local, international, undergraduate, postgraduate students—are welcome!

We are looking for:
Designer / Moderator / Simultaneous Interpreter / Programme Curator / Event Assistant / Chef / Farmer / Bartender / Community Builder / ______________ (fill in the blank)

Online Registration for GEST:

Upcoming events to be curated by GEST:
  • Thursday Happy Hour – Tea from Around the World
  • GE Concept Store
  • GEST Skills Sharing
  • Monthly Harvest Lunch
Further details:

GEST Skills Sharing and Training programmes include: