A Tribute to Yasi: Watching Over Hong Kong
City, Art, Poems
城市 | 藝術 | 詩
Leung Ping Kwan (1949 – 2013), pen name Yasi, was one of Hong Kong’s best-known writers. He was a prolific poet, novelist, essayist, translator, researcher, teacher, scholar, as well as a literary, film, and cultural critic. He taught in the Departments of English and Comparative Literature at HKU for many years.
It has been four years since he passed away. Under the theme of “Watching Over Hong Kong”, the title of the epistolary book co-written by Yasi and Japanese author Inuhiko Yomota published after Yasi’s death, this event will pay tribute to Yasi with music, arts, seminar, and poetry, and decode this city’s past, present and future through Yasi’s work. 
The event is co-organised by Read-Cycling, the General Education Unit, the Faculty of Arts, the Department of Comparative Literature and the Hong Kong Studies Programme of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures.
Guests: Chan Ping Chiu 陳炳釗, Priscilla Leung 梁小衞, Keith Lam 林欣傑, Tina So 蘇淑敏, Fragrant Village 香村 and more...
Date: 2/3 (Thu)
Venue: Haking Wong Podium & Loke Yew Hall
Language: Cantonese