F:A:C:E: Mentorship x Theatre - Technical Art Workshop
***The registration quota is full***

We believe, art is an important element in life. Through art, we are able to explore more about ourselves and the world.
In the first semester, students from the F:A:C:E: Mentorship Programme presented their learning experience in 10 performing art pieces, such as drama, dance video and music performance. Three groups will further develop their art pieces and perform again on 27/4 (Thu).
We are recruiting passionate students to take part in the backstage to make it work! A series of theatre technical workshops will be organised for those who are interested in joining the production team.
Co-organiser: CYM Cultural Centre
Technical Art Workshop舞台製作工作坊
The workshop will cover technical skills of sound, lighting, stage, props and sets.
陸悅宜小姐 Miss Kay Loh(畢業於香港演藝學院主修音響設計,現為香港大學莊月明文化中心經理)
勞正然先生 Mr. Ryan Lo#(現就讀香港演藝學院,主修佈景及服裝設計)

Dates: 20/1 (Fri), 23/1 (Mon), 24/1 (Tue) & 6/2 (Mon)
Time: 18:30 – 21:30
Venue: CYM Cultural Centre
Language: Cantonese
Quota: 30

(For HKU Students)

With kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

  • The Emperor
Instructor: Naomi Lawrence
  • “Sound” Consumption
Instructor: Sze Ka Yan 史嘉茵
  • Our Bodies in the Campus
Instructor: Chloe Wong 黃靜婷
Date: 27/4 (Thu)
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Venue: Studio 303, CYM Cultural Centre

Date Time Venue
20 Jan 2017 18:30 - 21:30 Rm 401, CYM Cultural Centre
23 Jan 2017 18:30 - 21:30 Rm 302, CYM Cultural Centre
24 Jan 2017 18:30 - 21:30 Rm 302, CYM Cultural Cent
06 Feb 2017 18:30 - 21:30 Studio 303, CYM Cultural Centre
Bio of Instructor(s) 導師簡介:
陸悅宜小姐 Miss Kay Loh
早年畢業於香港演藝學院,目前為香港大學莊月明文化中心經理。Kay 曾經參與不同藝術及商業製作。作為音響設計畢業生,Kay特別興趣參與作曲、舞台音響設計以及電影後期音效製作。
Kay is an APA graduate and now working in the CYMCC, HKU (Chong Yuet Ming Culture Centre) as the Cultural Center Manager. Kay has been participated in various kinds of arts and commercial events. As a sound graduate, Kay is particularly interested and involved in music compositions, theatre sound design and film sound post production.

勞正然先生 Mr. Ryan Lo
曾參與製作包括香港演藝學院戲劇《La Dispute》(佈景設計)、香港演藝學院2016年度畢業生編舞工作坊作品展《此際流heretofore》之《A Waste Of Comprehension》(佈景及服裝設計)、香港演藝學院戲劇《家和.萬事輕》(助理服裝設計)及香港演藝學院舞蹈: 《作品16: 起點》(助理佈景及服裝設計)等。
Currently studies Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) in Theatre and Entertainment Arts in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Major in Set and Costume Design. Past production included:
2016 HKAPA Academy Drama 《La Dispute》(Set Design)
2016 HKAPA Choreographic Workshop II 《Heretofore》Dance Performance《A Waste Of Comprehension》 (Set and Costume Design)
2015 HKAPA Academy Drama 《Happy Family》(Assistant Set Design)
2015 HKAPA Academy Dance《Opus 16: Point of Departure》(Assistant Set and Costume design)