Lenny Live at Gatherland: Soul Scribbles
The fear of Death and the illusions of Life provided the undercurrent for the search of a whole generation. The 1960s probed the questions and possible answers via a self-introspection of songs and poems. Lenny traces the songs that mapped his world view and anxiety for a life fully lived. ‘Soul Scribbles’ is a personal sharing, shedding light on the social domain: from Joe Hill to Bob Dylan and the late Leonard Cohen; the Chinese devotees of that generation from Taiwan and the mainland, as well as self-inkings from Lenny, make up the evening's sonic soul trip.

Date: 28/2 (Tue)
Time: 19:00 – 20:30
Venue: Gatherland2046
Language: English & Cantonese

Enrolment at counters (for HKU students only) starts at 10:00 on 19/1 (Thu), at K.K. Leung Concourse.

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Date Time Venue
28 Feb 2017 19:00 - 20:30 Gatherland2046
Bio of Instructor(s) 導師簡介:
郭達年先生 Mr. Lenny Kwok
Founder of the band ‘Blackbird’ 黑鳥樂隊
Founder of the Guitar Magazine (1977-1989), BAND magazine (2009-2010), the underground band BLACKBIRD, and the first organisation that merged ART and ACTIVISM - the He has produced numerous classic albums in the past decades which includes 'Xiang Gang,' (New Sound HK) 'HOWL' (anti-nuclear compilation) and 'Nine Songs,' (June 4th memorial compilation) 'One Family' (rights of abode compilation), besides he has also made documentary films about Hong Kong. Lenny is an anarcho-musician, free-writer, and social catalyst.