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【F:A:C:E: Subsidy Project】Unveiling the Veil: Muslim Women in Hong Kong Art Exhibition
Date 日期:  18 Apr 2018
Time 時間: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Venue 地點: 2/F Atrium, Main Library, HKU
Summary 內容: In contemporary society, being a Muslim might not be easy, neither is being a woman – then what if you are both a Muslim and a woman? Oppression of women is one of the alleged controversies over Islam. Hijabs and veiling are claimed to suppress women’s rights. Such opinions have been forged in various settings ranging from academia to foreign policy-making, from serious journal articles to everyday chitchatting. Nevertheless, we seem not to get any closer to the truth behind the veil, if any truth ever exists. Stereotyping, labelling and Othering remain the priority strategy to keep us safe in the comfort zone.


Hong Kong hosts an extraordinary array of peoples and cultures; however, it might be worth pondering whether this multicultural quality leads to greater mutual understanding among its inhabitants, or fosters further alienation instead. Currently, there are 300,000 Muslims living in Hong Kong, making up approximately 4% of the whole population. Indonesians (150,000), Chinese (50,000) and South Asians (30,000) are the three major cultural groups. Muslims from other parts of the world such as the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia also contribute to this diversity. 


Muslim women, with the vast internal differences in terms of race, ethnicity, nationality, age, profession and social class, cannot be simplistically reduced to a fixed image. Instead, there are a thousand ways of being a Muslim woman in Hong Kong. Their stories and voices deserve to be heard. So do yours and mine.

This exhibition brings together more than 30 local Muslim female artists, contributing 70 art pieces and beyond. They convey their thinking and feelings, aspirations and reflections through the universal language of art. Art, once again, serves as a bridge to connect people and minds. Four non-Muslim artists also participate in the show with their observations as “outsiders”, which is also a concept to be challenged – who defines whether one belongs to a community or not? Where lies the boundary?


HKU Exhibition 
Date: April 18 - May 3 
Venue: 2/F Atrium, Main Library, The University of Hong Kong (HKU)


Meet-the-Artists Talks
1. Session One: 
Time: April 29 (Sun), 3-5pm
Venue: KB112, 1/F, Knowles Building, HKU

2. Session Two:
Time: April 30 (Mon), 7:30-9:30pm 
Venue: Global Lounge, HKU

1. 第一次見面會

2. 第二次見面會
地點:香港大學方樹泉文娛中心G層 Global Lounge

Please join us to embark on this journey, to hear her speaking. 

This project is supported by GE F:A:C:E: Subsidy which encourages student to produce their own art works or creative projects in all areas.