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Public Lecture
Lee Shiu Summer Programme 2018
李韶暑期計劃 2018
Date 日期:  09 - 27 Jul 2018
Time 時間: 12:00am - 12:00am
Venue 地點: Hong Kong & Singapore
Summary 內容: The Lee Shiu Summer Programme 2018 will explore across two major cities in Asia – Hong Kong and Singapore, through a wide array of learning activities. The three-week bi-city study trip, organized by the Chung Chi College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), in collaboration with the University Scholars Programme of the National University of Singapore (NUS), brings together 80 outstanding students from renowned universities in Hong Kong, Singapore, Mainland China and the USA. The programme fosters intercultural interaction by engaging in day-to-day exchange with peers coming from other universities, regions and backgrounds, and explores the cultures and lives of the two visiting cities.  The 2018 programme focuses on the theme "Global Citizen – The Future You in 20 Years" and encourages students to put forward insightful ideas and in-depth discussion in the following five areas:

  本年暑假,崇基學院將舉辦為期約三周的暑期考察計劃,並與協辦的新加坡國立大學博學計劃,一同為80位來自香港、新加坡,以及國內和美國四地著名大學的優秀學生,設計分別於香港及新加坡兩個頂尖亞洲城市舉行的學習活動,考察主題「世界公民 —— 二十年後的你」。 計劃讓同學與來自不同文化背景、地區及院校的團員互相交流切磋,於兩個城市考察其文化及民生,開闊視野,裝備自己。2018年李韶暑期計劃將聚焦討論五個重要範疇:

• Leadership and Global Outlook  領袖特質與國際視野
• Entrepreneurship and Innovation 創業精神與創新思維
• Social Responsibility and Community Service 社會責任與社區服務
• Green Living and Sustainable Development 綠色生活與可持續發展
• Adaptability and Resilience 適應力與抗逆力

  All 80 students will be divided into 10 groups and take part in a wide range of learning activities including lectures, mentorship, workshops, organization visits and field trips. The activities discuss contemporary global issues and challenges and examine the qualities and strengths of the two visiting Asian cities that are significant to development of China. Delegates will explore the important qualities and traits for global citizenship and personal growth. Each group will complete a research project during the programme on the development and youth engagement in one of the five focus areas. 

= Study in Two Cities 雙城考察 =
• 於香港集合 Delegates Arrival, Hong Kong: 8/7/2018 (Sun)
• 香港段  Hong Kong-leg: 9/7/2018 (Mon) - 20/7/2018 (Fri)
• 新加坡段 Singapore-leg: 21/7/2018 (Sat) - 27/7/2018 (Fri)

Eligibility 申請資格

• Outstanding undergraduates going into 2nd year or above in 2018/19


• Good command of Chinese and English

= Fee 費用:HK$4000 =
The fee covers room and board, activities, insurance, local transportation, air passage between Hong Kong and Singapore during the study trip and a deposit of HK$1000 (The deposit will be refunded upon satisfactory performance in the programme). The fee will be collected from the successful applicants in April.
費用包括來回香港及新加坡機票、兩地食宿、市內交通、活動參訪、保險費用及按金HK$1000(按金以滿意表現完成計劃後將退回) 。獲取錄的同學須於4月初繳交費用 。

= Application Form 報名表 =
For HKU students, please download the application form here and send your completed form to the General Education Unit, HKU ( Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview.
有與趣參加的香港大學同學,請按此下載報名表並把填妥之報名表交至香港大學通識教育部 ( 。初步入選的同學須出席面試。

= Application Deadline 截止日期 =
9/3/2018 (Fri), 5:00pm - extended