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Call for Entries – 'A Tribute to Yasi: Poetic Journeys in Foreign Lands' Exhibition
Date 日期:  25 Jan 2018
Time 時間: 12:00am - 12:00am
Summary 內容: 2018年,也斯(1949 – 2013)離開我們五年了。在這次「向也斯致意」活動裏,我們將與喜愛周遊列國的也斯,一同蒐集異鄉的風和日麗和歷史碎屑。活動包括展覽、讀書會、研討會、活版印詩及音樂演出等,詳情容後公布。

規格:視覺藝術作品,可以繪畫、素描、攝影、拼貼等形式創作。作品尺寸須為74 x 54 cm內(不含裱框),數碼檔案須為高解析度的JPEG格式,大小以10MB為限。

2018 marks the 5th anniversary of Yasi’s (1949 – 2013) passing. Themed ‘Poetic Journeys in Foreign Lands’, A Tribute to Yasi 2018 will tour us journeys to foreign lands with the well-travelled Yasi. The programme will consist of exhibition, book club, seminar, letterpress printing workshop, concert, etc. Stay tuned.
The co-organisers are calling for visual artworks themed ‘Poetic Journeys in Foreign Lands’ to serve as part of the annual commemoration of Yasi. Participants are invited to observe the world within and around them, and unleash their creativity in translating their inspirations into different mediums of visual artworks such as photography and painting. The co-organisers will then showcase the selected artworks, together with Yasi’s poems, at the exhibition at HKU.
The event is co-organised by Read-Cycling, the General Education Unit, the Faculty of Arts, and the Department of Comparative Literature.

Theme: Poetic Journeys in Foreign Lands*
Specifications: 2-dimensional visual artworks, such as paintings, drawings, photographs, and collage. Size of the artwork should be within 74 x 54 cm (without frame). Digital file should be in high resolution JPEG format and within 10MB in size.
Submission: Participants can either (1) fill in the online form and upload the work; or (2) submit their work to General Education Unit, 2/F, Pao Siu Loong Building, HKU during office hours.
Submission Deadline: 5 pm, 25/1/2018 (Thu)

*參考作品 References:
  • 《雲游》 Cloud Travel
  • 《大地上的居所》 dwelling on earth
  • 《異鄉的早晨》 Morning in a Foreign Land
  • 《梁秉鈞五十年詩選(上/下冊)》(臺大出版中心,2014) 
  • 《形象香港:梁秉鈞詩選》 City at the End of Time: Poems by Leung Ping-kwan (Hong Kong University Press, 2012)
  • 《游詩:梁秉鈞詩選》 Amblings: Selected Poems of Leung Ping-kwan (Association of Stories in Macao, 2010)
  • 《東西》(牛津大學出版社,2000) 
  • 《布拉格的明信片》(青文書屋,2000) 
  • 《游離的詩》(牛津大學出版社,1995)