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Public Lecture
Why we write?
Date 日期:  10 Oct 2017
Time 時間: 6:45pm - 8:45pm
Venue 地點: KB223, 2/F, Knowles Building
Summary 內容: #1為甚麼情書很難寫? Why is it difficult to write a love letter?
#2為甚麼歌詞很易寫? Why is it easy to write lyrics?
#3為甚麼人物訪問很愛寫?Why do I love writing an interview?
#4為甚麼電視劇很怕寫? Why do I fear writing a TV script?

Dates: 10/10, 12/10, 24/10, 26/10 (Tue & Thu)
Time: 18:45 – 20:45
Venue: KB223, 2/F, Knowles Building
Speaker: 林奕華先生 Mr. Edward Lam 「非常林奕華」藝術總監、劇場導演
Language: Cantonese 
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