GEST Skills Sharing (Second Semester, 2017-18)

GEST Skills Sharing (Second Semester, 2017-18)

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GEST Skills Sharing is a platform for talents students to showcase their unique ability and share the skills with fellow classmates. Rather than passive receivers, GE believes that by supporting students to actively curate and initiate projects, students can truly learn and flourish.

If you have something you want to share, it could be showing us how to make a nice cocktail, bake the perfect triple layer chocolate cake, or even teach us how to skateboard, all (crazy) ideas are welcomed!

The programmes will be launched as part of GE’s programme in Second Semester, 2017-18.

Who can be instructors: Full-time HKU students
Duration: One 1.5-hour session
Budget*: $300 material cost (on reimbursement with receipts)
Class size: At least 10 participants per session
*Participants may pay as they wish to the student instructors to support their skills sharing sessions.

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