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Finding My HYGGE [ˈhjuːɡə] (hue-guh)
: Infinite Ways to Live Well


What is HYGGE?
It’s not an acronym.  
HYGGE, is a Danish term meaning, “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”.  As one of the finalists of the Oxford Dictionaries’ 2016 ‘Word of the Year’, it projects a very different vibe from the others, such as ‘Brexiteer’, ‘alt-right’ and the winner, ‘post-truth’.
Denmark has been among the top countries ranked in the World Happiness Report and HYGGE must be relevant.  In contrast, Hong Kong’s ranking in the United Nations’ World Happiness Report has dropped from 47th (2012) to 71st (published in 2017) even though we rank 9th in the Global Competitiveness (2016-17) and rank 12th of the GDP per capita, 2017 Global Finance Magazine.
Meik Wiking, Director of Happiness Research Institute, Copenhagen who is also the author of the bestseller, The Little Book of HYGGE: The Danish Way to Live Well, has provided his views of HYGGE.  Let’s find ours too.
Thematic Forums
GE is thrilled to collaborate with the brand new CC+ (Common Core Plus).  We have hand-picked one of the CC Courses “The Best Things in Life” which shares many similar pursuits to our theme.  We are therefore excited to have invited three professors to share their stories.
Another closely related motif is the values of university education. We strongly believe that your learning process here in HKU is the foundation of your future life and career. Therefore, we have curated a series of forums to explore the essence of university education, the education system, and co-curricular learning.
Personal Inspirations
GE is honoured to have presented three critically acclaimed lectures by Professor Lung Yingtai last year. She will also share her wit and wisdom with you this autumn. Also, renowned playwright, Edward Lam, will do the soul-search exercise with us via creative writing. To further gear up your inspirations in life beyond your regular classes, our partnership series with the Faith and Global Engagement will explore the controversies in Science and Religion. For your well-being, Heartful Yoga gives you the chance to stretch the new possibilities of your body and mind.
For those who look for another kind of challenge, our 13th Trail Walker offers you the precious opportunity of hiking 50 km in a group of four, whilst enjoying the beautiful Hong Kong scenery.  You might redefine what ‘comfort zone’ means after this.
F:A:C:E: (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences)
While we know STEM is an important education direction, GE wants to add an ‘A’ and make it into STEAM...A is for Arts.
Under our F:A:C:E: umbrella, we have  a wide variety of  art forms and directions, some seeking for harmony while others searching for async, as Ryuichi Sakamoto pinpointed in his recent solo album.
We will carry on with our Mentorship x Theatre Programme. Ten unique mentors from the creative and performing fields will coach 40 students up close to create original, short theatre pieces. 
Our partnership projects include the ADC Festival showcasing local talents; others include Mongolian performance and opera movie night.
Happy 2gether
HKU is proud to be one of the most internationalised university communities by many standards. So let’s embrace our diversity and then learn and play together in our fun-filled activities.
Outings: Snorkeling; Lai Chi Wo Camping; Picnic @ HKU
Gatherland is the common room where you can chill and HYGGE. It is also an art/maker space/gallery for you to produce and even exhibit artworks. It is a concept store where you can sell your creative products. We have a range of products for sale that are created by students, including books, cds, dvds, and crafts.
Happy Thursday and Curator’s Gig are student-driven and hosted multi-cultural events. 
GEST (GE Student Team) welcomes you on board to let your talent shine. Moderators, Event Organisers, Designers, Photographers, Video Makers, ChangeMakers, Farmers, Chef, KOL etc. can all join in and co-curate and co-create programmes and projects.
Getting HYGGE, homey, and cosy does not mean that we are numb to the issues in our society and the world. On the contrary, after the ‘chilled out’ breaks, we can refresh our sensitivities. Regarding Hong Kong, ’HK20+1’ is a series of local documentaries we have chosen from the past 20 years as a handle for us to revisit the various facades of our city and then to reposition and reimagine our future. This project is also a collaboration with the Hong Kong Documentary Initiative.
On the international level, our interdisciplinary course ‘Beyond Capitalism’ will scrutinise the current worldwide economy, politics, and environmental disasters.  And, the Global Student Forum will open debates over hot issues such as terrorism, refugees, and other major challenges and will be hosted by a mix of our international and local students.
The GE Rooftop Farming Project has been glooming since 2013. Besides farming classes and the farmers’ roster, we also have a monthly Harvest Lunch and our Open Farm Community Weekend. Come learn from the holistic organic food cycle in urban Hong Kong and taste the green grown in HKU.
What is GE?
We have been curating and providing non-credit bearing co-curricular programmes and activities for all HKU students since 1995. If you have a closer look at our digital platforms and social media, we are not the same as the Liberal Studies of the HKDSE.  In fact, we also produced a lecture series ‘Hall of Wisdom’ (《大學問》) with RTHK, in which Eason Chan and Lung Yingtai, came to HKU. This series also won the ninth position on the RTHK TV Appreciation Index Top 20 in 2016.